About Us

Selia-Tek Industries was established in 1995 as the manufacturing arm of Selia-Tek Sdn Bhd to manufacture and supply customized precision plastic injection moulding products. Since then Selia-Tek Industries has established itself as a leader with vast experience in the industry of precision engineered plastic injection moulding products.


Today Selia-Tek Industries is a modern and effective manufacturer serving customers in different countries and regions worldwide. Selia-Tek Industries major products are in the power distribution industry, manufacturing the Aerial Bundle Cable accessories for Tenaga Nasional Berhad the local Utility Board. We have been appointed as a TNB vendor for the last 13 years. Now we have been selected by TNB as their Preferred Vendor. Another area of our expertise is in the railway industry. We are one of the trusted manufacturers for Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) in producing high quality Railway accessories. Recently Selia-Tek Industries has been selected as a KTMB Vendor which is recognition to the company as a reputable and reliable partner for KTMB. We are also engaged with international multinational companies such as Minolta, and Fuji Japan as well as being an OEM for companies in Australia and Netherlands for their products which have received recognition and acclaims worldwide.


Selia-Tek’s manufacturing philosophy is to achieve uniform quality with the help of the most economical mass-production technology, harnessed through a dedicated production team, in a harmonious industrial atmosphere. Based on our dedication to quality, we have gained several internationally recognized quality certificates and awards. We have been awarded the ISO9001-2000 certifications besides other worthy awards which we are indeed proud of.